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Fair Use

I'm thrilled to announce that Slow Rise Music's second concert will be held on September 10th, 2022! This will be an extremely fun concert focused around the doctrine of Fair Use. If that doesn't sound fun...I'm basically saying this concert will include quotations from

pop songs and some wild electronic vibes.

The concert features an SATB quartet; myself, Máiri Demings, Jacob Abrahamse, and Tristan Zaba, and includes two previously existing works for the whole ensemble, as well as a new commissioned piece for each soloist. I will be performing a piece for soprano and electronic by my fellow Eastman alum Kitty Xiao, with poetry by ever-talented Jessica Hiemstra. You can check us out live in Toronto, or live-streamed across the planet.

See here for our cool new website and more details:

And please feast your eyes on Emily Ellis' amazing poster art because it's SO GOOD.


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